Our Logo


The logo weaves several concepts together to depict God’s story of reclamation of his creation; from every tongue, tribe, and nation. Rev. 21:22-26 gives us the picture of the kings of the earth, coming before the King of Kings to present their glory to the Christ who made it all possible. In worship they proclaim Him as Lord. So the logo shows this by the crown in the center, the little crowns on the outside, from north, south, east, and west show the kings of the earth who have been fully redeemed. The crown is set in the darker image in the middle of the cross, the 12 small circles represent the 12 Apostles, the 4 inner curved lines are borrowed from ancient iconography to imitate the same images which proclaim Christ as the great I AM. The colors of gold and teal are common to ancient icons. The negative spaces created by the “w” shape of the small crowns on the outside, represent the Beatitudes which are found in the French Huguenot cross, my ancestry.