...before the face of God

Our objective is spiritual formation for the individual and dynamic impact of the local and global church.



coram deo INTERNATIONAL (...before the face of God) is a ministry encouraging a resurgence of historic, authentic worship in today's church.  We are a department of Artists in Christian Testimony International.


The central concept of coram deo INTERNATIONAL is to live every day

before the face of God. I believe this is the key to both the spiritual formation of the individual and of the resurgence of the church. The unifying principle is to anchor our current praxis to the ancient church fathers.


Certainly, daily life should be coram deo. So, too, should our Sunday worship. I think it might be helpful for you to consider what I mean by Ancient-Future Worship by listening to its description from Robert Webber’s writings. He says it’s, “the common tradition of the church’s worship in Word, Table, and Song, practiced faithfully and communicated clearly in every context of the world.”


coram deo has numerous elements. One of which is the network of Ancient-Future Faith. It’s my great privilege to associate with colleagues engaged in this movement.


The  creed that unifies our movement is as follows:

"Recognizing the day in which we live, the spiritual needs of our culture and those around the world, we recommit ourselves to follow in the footsteps of the giants of the faith of the early church who forged the teachings of Christ into truth to be lived out. Our ancient fathers and mothers codified all we believe, paying a very high price with their lives to do so.


The baton of faith once delivered to the Saints has been passed down through the ages. We desire to hand it off to the next generation by equipping them for significant ministry through an historic, authentic renewal of worship.”


We are willing to pay the price too to see the faith of our fathers passed on to this generation.  As author and speaker John Piper declared, “Missions exists because worship doesn't." I hope you'll join us.


Dr. Glenn Collard

My Story


Hi, I’m Glenn Collard.


I’m the creator of coram deo INTERNATIONAL. I’d like to share my story with you.


When I stand between two train rails and look forward into the distance as far a my eyes can see, it seems like the rails meet at the furthest point way out at the horizon.  My life and ministry experience over the past 30 years feels in a sense like this scene. That picture has given me a perspective that pulls me forward into a new kind of ministry and life. For me the left rail represents my first 30 years of missionary service that took me to 60 different countries, cultures, and peoples. The right rail is my enduring passion to assuage a personal thirst of a deeper experience with the Lord Jesus Christ my Savior.  This passion to experience Him, like the rails meeting at the horizon, has been most fully realized when I’m deeply connected in community with God’s people.


As the picture of the two rails merge into one at the event horizon, so my life has resulted in a merging of my years of service with the amazing experience of His church manifested in the uniqueness and beauty of the cultures and peoples of our world. The body of Christ is rich! In it, I find a kaleidoscope of textures, shades, and colors of His people. This is the picture of the reality of God’s promise to bring a people to Himself from every tribe, language, nation and tongue.

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Our Focus - Spiritual Formation

God's people have always found great joy in giving to the Lord, His Church, and His purposes. In 2 Corinthians 9, we are taught to give joyfully unto God, trusting that He will meet all of our needs.

We are thankful your heart is moved to become a financial partner with coram deo INTERNATIONAL.

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We are pursing a number of projects to accomplish our mission and vision. Below are our current projects.

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