My Story


Hi, I’m Glenn Collard.


I’m the creator of coram deo INTERNATIONAL. I’d like to share my story with you.


When I stand between two train rails and look forward into the distance as far a my eyes can see, it seems like the rails meet at the furthest point way out at the horizon.  My life and ministry experience over the past 30 years feels in a sense like this scene. That picture has given me a perspective that pulls me forward into a new kind of ministry and life. For me the left rail represents my first 30 years of missionary service that took me to 60 different countries, cultures, and peoples. The right rail is my enduring passion to assuage a personal thirst of a deeper experience with the Lord Jesus Christ my Savior.  This passion to experience Him, like the rails meeting at the horizon, has been most fully realized when I’m deeply connected in community with God’s people.


As the picture of the two rails merge into one at the event horizon, so my life has resulted in a merging of my years of service with the amazing experience of His church manifested in the uniqueness and beauty of the cultures and peoples of our world. The body of Christ is rich! In it, I find a kaleidoscope of textures, shades, and colors of His people. This is the picture of the reality of God’s promise to bring a people to Himself from every tribe, language, nation, and tongue.

Something profound began in me in January 2015. I felt the Holy Spirit stirring in me, like a wooing to my soul beckoning me to focus on the future generations of today.  I feel so strongly that our modern church with all of its strengths, resources and potential has lost the “soul” of the ancient faith of our fathers.  I’m not talking about any loss in didactic teaching or theology, but in heart. The beauty and victory of the faith of the future lies only in its connection to the past. The generation in front of us must be encouraged to rediscover their faith that is both ancient and future!


I’ve come to realize in an intimate way that only by embracing the past can we discover the path to the future. Joining ourselves to the continuity of the faith of those who preceded us brings life, a sense of legacy and a rock of stability to our contemporary practices. It anchors the truth of His doctrine in the history in which it was forged, defined and codified.


As I was meditating and seeking a deeper understanding into this stirring of God, I felt the Spirit speak to me and bring to my attention the Latin phrase, “coram deo.” Translated, it means “before the face of God”. The centerpiece of the ministry of Coram deo INTERNATIONAL is one of spiritual formation; our focus is on encouragement, worship, patterned after the early church of the first 300 years, training and shepherding for those who will start new churches in this pattern, and sharing this with others for what the Lord is doing world wide.

I believe it is urgent and imperative to read the times and respond well to the many forms of the Church that God is giving birth to and growing today around the world. We are seeing an emergence of a renewed interest and practice of all forms of the arts in His worship; there are youth churches, prayer movements, house churches and other forms of the church. God is raising all these up to penetrate the darkness of the sin and brokenness of this world that Jesus shed His blood to save.


My passion of 51 years of seeing people come to Him and be joined to His Body has brought me to this, my final challenge as I run the last leg of the race He’s given me. I’m investing my 51 years of ministry to impact the next generation as they meet the challenges of their own futures with an ancient faith that I know will carry them boldly and courageously into the future for the Church of Jesus world-wide.


I implore you to join me in this worldwide endeavor for our Savior and His cause in our world. There is no future without our connection to the past.


Dr. Glenn Collard